ASGHAR ALI Zikriyat Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

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ZIKRAYAT spray for Women brings you a powerful luscious floriental musky fragrance with top notes of an aromatic Rose Damascene, white flowers, and a pinch of zesty mandarins and black currant fruits, which every woman would love to smell like. Heart notes are composed of tropical Jasmine, fresh peaches and coconuts, giving a relieving scent of nature. Lastly, finale notes include benzoin resinoid, white musk and amber for a powdery sensation. Presented in the colour mostly used as a sign of femininity of a light pink elegantly designed in a 100 ml bottle.

Perfume Notes:

Top notes:
Rose Damascene, White Flower Mandarin, Black Currant

Middle notes:
Jasmine, Peach, Coconut

Base notes:
Benzoin Resinoid, White Musk, Amber