ASGHAR ALI Al Baariz 1 Eau de Parfum Spray 80ml

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The new and fabulous perfume AL BAARIZ 1 is the latest launch of Asgharali perfumes, with the fragrance of fougere fruity. The citrus opening to this perfume is light but well complemented with its heart notes of apple, sandalwood and coumarin- a sweet like vanilla aroma. Al Baaris 1 is one of the more acquired yet classic men’s fragrance dominating in the wilderness. The bottle is inspired by the bold and almighty equine which co-relates the relationship of a man and horse has been transcending for centuries. Al baaris 1 is available in 80ml.

Perfume Notes:

Top notes:
Hesperides, Orange Blossom

Middle notes:
Apple, Sandalwood, Coumarin

Base notes:
Vanilla, Powdery, Musk, Woods

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